Frequently Asked Questions

As you know SPC flooring comes in different types and styles.

Our Premium products (WL 0.3mm, SPC 4.0mm, IXPE 1.0mm) would fit to your house in general. However, for the areas in your house with quite higher traffic sush as corridor or living room, or even you are a pet-lover, we would recommend our LuxPro products (WL 0.5mm, SPC 5.0mm, IXPE 1.5mm).

If you still can’t find a balance between functionality and visual appearance? Remember to always seek for help from your flooring supplier as they are expert in this and know their product best. Just inform your flooring supplier or retailers about it and they will be able to come out with good recommendations that meet your need.

An UV coating is a surface treatment which either is cured by ultraviolet radiation, or which protects the underlying material from such radiation’s harmful effects. The UV coating is another shield for the top layer of SPC flooring, it contains ceramic components and make the surface scratch – resistant to different damage. The UV coating also mainly use to cover the decor film on the planks to make them anti-fading to sun light near window or any other indoor environment. Moreover, the UV painting can adjust the shinning degree of flooring surface make the decor of floor looks very real and elegant as solid wood.

The answer is definitely yes.. Here’s what you can do, in order to get a perfect outcome.

  • Acclimatize your SPC flooring under stable room temperature by removing the packaging and lay the SPC pieces flat in the room for 24-48 hours.
  • Temperature before, during and after installation should be maintained the same.
  • Always refer to your floor supplier if you have any doubts.

    No matter what type of existing flooring you have, EFLOOR SPC flooring can be installed over most type of flooring as long as the condition of your existing floor or sub-floor is ….

  • Dry, free of dust and dirt
  • Well-leveled, flat and smooth
  • Firmly installed and not loose
  • Always refer to your floor supplier if you have any doubts.

    Assuming all preparation work has been done correctly and the site is ready for installation, a professional installer could install 10-15 sqm per hour. Of course, if you are installing it by yourself or have no previous experience in flooring installation, you may need a longer time to complete it.
    Not to forget… the size and shape of your room is also another determining factor to the duration you need to complete the installation.

    Yes, you can. SPC pieces featuring the beauty of natural variation has gain the attractions of many interior designers to use it as a wall or even ceiling decoration. It is a genius idea indeed!

    However, the applicable of SPC flooring on wall or ceiling is very much depends on the type of SPC floor used.
    Our EFLOOR Standard products without underlayment could be applied on wall with specific glue or mortar. You may seek advice from your flooring retailers for a better understanding.

    There is this misconception that since SPC flooring is waterproof so it should be suitable to be laid outdoor.

    This is a huge mistake! Don’t let yourself fall into it or you will be putting your money into waste. SPC flooring is definitely not suitable for outdoor application.

    Yes, skillful installer will be able to provide such service using appropriate parts and tools.

    Yes, most SPC flooring is manufactured with a certain level of fire retardancy. Large-scale experiments of real fire condition have been tested out on SPC flooring. Results show that SPC flooring does not contribute to spread of fire or resulting in any fire hazard.

    Not just that.. In fact, SPC flooring is able to resist and even stop the burning when flame is being removed. However, SPC flooring is sensitive to heat. It may be permanently deformed, scarred or damaged when it comes to contact with high temperature surfaces, cigarettes and matches. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid direct contact with any heat surface or appliances.

    Taking care and maintaining SPC flooring is pretty simple and straightforward. Just make sure that you have a regular routine on basic cleaning like sweeping and damp mopping. However, there are a few areas to be watch out including cleaning after installation, types of cleaning tools and solution used. It is best for you to learn about the tips here before you make any mistakes.

    Unlike any timber or hardwood flooring, SPC flooring does not need extra refinish and touch up. The process of resanding might pose a risk of ruining the surface if it’s not carried out properly. So why risk going through extra refinish on something that is not designed to be?

    There are two types of warranties in the market which categorised according to the application. If your SPC flooring is manufactured for residential purposes then your flooring will be covered under residential warranty. Commercial purpose SPC flooring will get covered under commercial warranty.

    • Limited Lifetime for Residential Uses
    • 20 years for Commercial Uses

    See more details on our Warranty Policy.

    You might want to prevent damage caused by the following factors:

  • Damage due to Improper installation.
    Problem like this can be prevented easily if you do your preparation well before installation. Including suitable sub-floor condition, proper handling and transportation, acclimatizing your SPC as well as storage condition.
  • Damage during Non-traditional installation.
    This means intricate pattern and style, application on wall, ceilings, outdoor or purposes other than flooring installation.
  • Moisture related issues.
    Issues like buckling, checks, cupping, crowning, gapping, peeling, seam swelling, twisting or warping due to lack of moisture or high moisture. Therefore, watch out for spills, leaking pipes, pets, subfloor moisture and avoid wet mopping to spare yourself from all this moisture related headaches.
  • Other site or surrounding condition.
    Extreme condition like exposure to heat, sunlight, sand will cause long-term damage towards your SPC flooring and this can not be claimed under warranty. Improper maintenance, misuse, scratches and indentations of SPC floor caused by pets, furnitures, heels, appliances and toys are normally not covered as well.
  • Reduce in glossiness
    Sad to tell you this, but most of the flooring supplier or manufacturer do not consider loss of fade of glossiness is a defect itself. So… you can claim on this.
  • EFLOOR is a flooring manufacturer producing SPC floor in South Vietnam.

    Yes, we can produce following your request. Please kindly contact us at to learn more.

    It should be 2000 sqm per SKU.

    Of course, free samples are always available. Please kindly contact us at

    It’s actually depend on where you are, however, it normally takes 5-10 working days after your confirmation.

    Again, it’s actually depend on the product specs and quantity, however, it will not takes longer than 45 days normally after your confirmation and deposit.

    35% T/T in advance and 65% LC at sight.

    Yes, we have archived ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), CE Marking and FloorScore by SCS.